Posted | August 17th, 2018

Labelling sponsored content on social media

Labelling sponsored content on social media

With the rise of sponsored content, The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) are investigating into transparency within the influencer marketing industry. As part of the investigation, the CMA has written to a number of influencers, including celebrities, to gain further insight into the work behind their sponsored content on social media.

Under a 2008 law for consumer protection*, paid editorial content to promote a product or service should always be clearly identifiable by the consumer as a promotion. The investigation launches off the back of content posted by social influencers, that has not clearly stated they have been paid to promote the product or service.

We have compiled a list of actions to take when posting paid content across the different social media platforms.


For sponsored content posted to your Instagram feed, you can use hashtags within your caption such as #ad, #sponsored or #spon. There is also a new feature allowing influencers to tag their content as ‘Paid partnership with…” their business partners which appears at the top of their post or at the top of their Instagram story.

Instructions on tagging business partners can be found here.

Sponsored content on Instagram


In order to upload sponsored content on Facebook, users will need to tag the brand within the post. For example, the post would appear as “Jayde Pierce with Daniel Wellington”.

You can request access to the branded content tool here.


When disclosing sponsored content on Twitter, you should use the #sponsored or #ad hashtag within the tweet. If your tweet includes a variety of hashtags, it is good practice to put the #sponsored or #ad in front of the others.

Sponsored content on Twitter


Snapchat sponsored content operates in a similar way to Twitter, where influencers are to post their video or image, with a caption that encompasses the #ad or #sponsored.


When uploading your sponsored content to YouTube, whether it is integrated or dedicated video content, you must check the “video contains paid promotion” box in your Advanced settings.

For full instructions on how to please click here.

TikTok, previously known as

Again, similar to Twitter and Snapchat for posting sponsored content, where the #sponsored or #ad hashtag should be used in the caption. If your caption includes a variety of hashtags, it is good practice to put the #sponsored or #ad in front of the others.


At Kairos Media, we always ensure, that the influencers we work with, are aware of the processes and sign ASA/FTC disclosures at contractual level.

Remember to always check with all parties involved in influencer campaigns to ensure that sponsored content is correctly labelled as it may differ. If you are ever unsure, you can contact the ASA for advice and guidance


* Source: Marketing Week

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