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    Kairos Media is an award-winning creative Influencer Marketing agency. We have delivered thousands of global campaigns to date, for a portfolio of brand partners across all sectors.  Kairos is an Ancient Greek word meaning the right, critical, or opportune moment.  

    The Kairos ApproachThe Kairos Approach
  • Targeting a Younger Audience For Williams F1

    Searching to appeal to younger viewers and add further value to their sponsors, Williams Martini Racing approached Kairos Media for ideas on how to amplify their content socially.

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  • Esports strategy for Amazon Appstore events

    Kairos Media were tasked to drive viewers and maximise overall awareness for the 'Mobile Masters', Las Vegas and 'Champions of Fire', New York events on behalf of Wargaming Mobile and Amazon Appstore.

  • Brand Awareness for Daniel Wellington

    Approaching Kairos Media in September of 2017, Daniel Wellington looked to Kairos Media to raise awareness of their brand using influencers across various social media platforms.


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Kairos Media is an award-winning creative Influencer Marketing agency. We create innovative, impactful, creative-led campaigns to deliver an unrivalled ROI for our clients.

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Why Company Culture is even more Important

By Lana Wilman – People & Culture Exec     Adjusting to our new reality  The last month has been a whirlwind of emotions for everyone, especially those in businesses No one has gone through this situation before, and now we are all in it together Google Hangouts, Slack and Zoom...

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Social Responsibility – Do brands have a say?

By Yaz Boolaky – Influencer Campaign Executive It isn’t just you, its everyone… Coronavirus – the only topic that is on everyone’s mind right now and trending on social media Although it may seem like we’ve landed ourselves starring roles in an apocalyptic movie, the sad...

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Putting our phone down – why so hard?

When is it time to put the phone down Hannah Banks – @bannahhanks  We are all the same… Isn’t it crazy that even when we barely have our eyes open, or have stepped out of bed, most of us have already done a ‘scroll and processed a tonne of information By the time we are...

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Are Video Games teaching us anything? 

By Charleyy Vaughan – Campaign Executive  What are we learning  If used in the right way, video games have a great deal of potential to inspire learning, whether that be in children or adults GS:GO for example is a game that requires great attention of detail, improving the players...

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