The Digital Drop: Is Snapchat in its subscription era?

By Olivia Murphy — Personal Brand Executive

Snapchat could be entering a new era, one that has subscriptions at its forefront. On top of that, there’s some new ways for creators to earn revenue on Shopify. 

Snapchat+ logo on a mobile phone

Image Source: The Verge

Subscriptions are popping off for Snap

The tale of subscriptions on social media is not new but successful subscriptions kinda’ are. We’ve touched on Twitter Blue and how users don’t feel like they’re getting the bang for their buck, so maybe Snapchat’s new subscription model could be the blueprint for Twitter Blue.

Data shows that over a million users have subscribed to Snapchat+ which costs $3.99 a month, giving users access to special add-on features. So far, that’s an extra $4m in Snapchat’s piggy bank.

But what appeal does Snapchat+ have that Twitter Blue doesn’t? It seems an innate understanding of what its users want might be the answer.

Snapchat+ revived a fan-favourite feature of being able to pin a #1 best friend, see data insights and now new features of ‘priority story replies’ that highlight messages to Snap Stars. 

Although the features aren’t necessarily bringing the wow factor, they seem to be exactly what Snapchat users want. Especially since there are 11 new features which beat the 9 that Twitter Blue is offering…

Considering the price increase Twitter Blue has introduced, with no new features added to the roster, it might be time for them to get some inspo from good ol’ Snapchat.

Shopify Collabs

Image Source: Shopify News

Wanna collab?

Shopify has recently launched ‘Shopify Collabs’ – a new way for creators to earn some mega coin on the platform. 

The feature will allow creators to connect with Shopify, browse its merchants, and choose which they would like to partner with in alignment with their brand. Matches made in heaven (well, online but y’know.)

The new offering from Shopify is a win-win for independents and creators, who can both benefit from the scheme. By opting into the scheme, independent businesses are able to create authentic and effective relationships with creators, that will help push their names out.

For creators, they get to work with brands that they’ve chosen, feel excited about and earn money that they otherwise may not have had the opportunity for.

TikTok Shopping Ads

Image Source: Social Media Today

A shopping reboot

TikTok is another digital platform taking shopping in its stride, with its newly launched shopping ads integration.

After abandoning its live commerce expansion earlier this year due to some pretty shifty reports, the new ad integration seems like TikTok’s plan B of launching shopping in Europe.

The Chinese version of this integration, ‘Douyin’, has been a huge success in Asian markets. So when live commerce didn’t take off the way TikTok thought it would, it left people wondering whether shopping and social were actually a good combo or if it was more like a digital marmite.

Now the ad integration offers new formats including video ads, catalogue ads and LIVE shopping ads. Moving to an ad model seems like a smarter move, rather than pushing live shopping to everyone and anyone.

Through this, advertisers and merchants will be able to more precisely target their audience with products that appeal to them, making a higher conversion rate more likely.

Approaching shopping, TikTok really said “it’s just a flop, not a flop era” – who knows, TikTok may become the new hotspot for shoppers.

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