Posted | July 25th, 2019

4 Years In.. The Journey Of A Lifetime.

4 Years In.. The Journey Of A Lifetime.

By Mike Craddock, Co-founder at Kairos Group.

Four years ago today, we launched “Kairos Talent”. £3 an idea, I made the call that would change my life. This was when the decision was made to launch Kairos Talent with my co-founder Chris.

In the last article I posted at 26 months, we had just moved into our office in Old Street, the big move to the capital with the hope of expanding.. Since then, we’ve grown from 6 employees to 40+, our client count 10x and a lot of memories along the way.

Chris is currently across the pond, with the objective of scaling the NY entity, and we have our eyes set on the next office opening. It’s important sometimes to step back from the madness, and reflect on what’s actually happening around you, and it amazes me every day where we are.

We’ve grown from Kairos Talent, run from my garden shed (literally), to Kairos Group, which now includes three entities, our flagship influencer agency Kairos Media, our esports agency Kairos Esports and our owned media entity. Here’s a little highlight from the social and some of the team..

It’s been an amazing journey, with almost too many highlights to keep track of, from signing my dream client (which I can’t reveal for PR reasons.. unfortunately), to watching the team grow from Chris and I to fourty strong. Attending the Monaco GP on a Yacht courtesy of Williams F1 was also something I can’t complain about…

I’ve learnt too much to put into words, but if I had to pick my top four takeaways from the past four years, they would be the following:

1. People are key. Bringing in the right people for your business is the difference between failure and success. Taking the time to bring in the right people will do more for your business than anything else.
2. Be open to change. The space is changing, influencer marketing is changing. Adapt or die.
3. Maintain your USP. People work with Kairos for a reason, and have done since the start, it’s important that we never lose that, as we grow and expand the business.
4. Say no. Sometimes it’s better to turn down business and say no to a client if you don’t have the resource. At the start, we overstretched ourselves with just myself and my co-founder, and as a result, under performed on some activations. Now we’ve scaled, we don’t have that issue.

Having expanded from one entity to four, I’m excited to see how our business will look after another four years and how we will continue to innovate in the influencer marketing space. I know we’ll keep challenging ourselves in new sectors and expanding our client portfolio. With such a rapidly changing industry, it’s impossible to tell where we will be and just how far we’ll have come.

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