Posted | September 26th, 2018

4 benefits of partnering with an Influencer Marketing agency

4 benefits of partnering with an Influencer Marketing agency

As a leading Influencer Marketing Agency, we’ve heard a number of cases where brands have been put off influencer marketing because they’ve witnessed or been involved in campaigns that have been run incorrectly in the past. However, brands should definitely reconsider because when campaigns are done the right way, they can be extremely successful for brands whether the objective is to directly boost sales or to drive brand awareness.

If you try to source and work with influencers without the help of influencer marketing experts, there is no guarantee that the influencers you approach will have an interest in working with you. Therefore, there is a sense of security when partnering with an agency, knowing your efforts and marketing budget will not be wasted or used incorrectly.

Below, we’ve highlighted the top four benefits of partnering with an influencer marketing agency:

1. Personal relationships lead to better content

Some influencer agencies rely on technology platforms to select and communicate with influencers whilst others, such as Kairos Media, take a more hands-on approach. Kairos Media are proud to have personal relationships with 14,000 social influencers across all sectors and all over the world. This allows for smooth communication; quality content; engaged followers and, more importantly, reduced rates, thus giving your brand valuable campaigns that receive a great return on investment.

2. Experts in Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing agencies live and breathe influencer campaigns. They are aware of the latest trends across influencer marketing and social media platforms, plus the growth and developments to keep the industry alive.

Kairos Media has extensive experience working across all sectors from gaming and mobile to sport, fashion and beauty. All campaigns have different objectives, therefore an agency is best placed to help deliver results, and of course, they’ve seen what works well and what does not, so they are able to adapt accordingly.

3. Creative approach

Agencies will have a talented and dedicated team of social experts and campaign leaders, who will be able to deliver ‘out of the box’ creative ideas specifically targeted for your products. Remember: the campaign will not only reflect on the brand but also the agency and it is in their best interest for it to be successful.

4. Extension to your marketing team

Using an Influencer Marketing agency will save your in-house marketing team or individual valuable time, as a dedicated team will be allocated to your campaign. Our team will manage all processes from sourcing influencers and negotiating fees, to confirming legal contracts. Kairos will manage all communication between both parties and provide a thorough report on the campaign success.

Has that confirmed why you need to work with us? Get in touch today and let’s discuss your influencer marketing campaigns.

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