Posted | April 1st, 2020

Why Company Culture is even more Important

Why Company Culture is even more Important

By Lana Wilman – People & Culture Exec  


Adjusting to our new reality 

The last month has been a whirlwind of emotions for everyone, especially those in businesses. No one has gone through this situation before, and now we are all in it together.

Google Hangouts, Slack and Zoom are now more important than ever. We are now changing the way we work as individuals, but more importantly how we work in teams not physically being with each other. Working From Home is the new norm and it is great to see how businesses are adapting, as well as sharing how they are keeping team morale and the culture alive. 


Kairos Culture 

Working in an agency like Kairos Group we are so used to working and interacting in social situations. Company socials, lunch time activities and events are a huge part of the culture in the office. The staff at Kairos Group are the most important part of the business. The reason why this year we invested heavily on staff, even calling 2020 “The Year of You”. Each member of the team is a cog in a large machine that is growing at an expeditious rate.


Starting Kairos Group in June 2019, there was only 25 staff, we have since grown to 50. Even with the smaller team I loved the culture Mike and Chris created. My role transitioned from PA to People and Culture Executive at the beginning of 2020. The people at Kairos are the most important thing for me and I want everyone to feel safe, welcomed and most importantly happy coming into work. My first task was to ensure there was a full calendar of company activities planned for the first half of the year.  


company culture social


How a couple of weeks can change everything…

When I found out that we were going to be working from home ‘indefinitely’ I knew that my role was going to become more necessary than ever before. Kairos has such a specific culture, even when you walk into our explosion of yellow entrance you can feel at home. I wanted to ensure that this was sustained during this period, and that staff still felt integrated and supported in a period of uncertainty. 


We are doing all we can to prevent culture slipping and people feeling demotivated. I have been able to adapt certain aspects of our previous activities to fit WFH, including our Wednesday Book Club, Friday company meetings and even organising delivered birthday cakes. 


I am now able to do a range of new activities, like the new weekly Google Hangouts Yoga Sessions, Slack competitions like ‘Guess the Baby’ and ‘Guess the WFH Station’. It is also key to keep everyone active, even in lockdown. For the last 2 weeks we have been running a Kairos Steps Challenge, aiming to reach 100,000 steps collectively. Getting out of the house (following Government Guidelines) and getting fresh air is so important for the mental well-being of staff. 


group shot social


What is next then? 

Moving forwards my plan of attack is for staff members to know every week there will be a range of activities for them to get involved in. Whether it be Gaming or Poker Tournaments, TikTok Dance Classes or just a coffee and a chat via Hangouts. 


This is a learning curve for everyone. Weirdly in a way it is bringing everyone together without being together. It is improving our communication and really highlighting how much we do care about the people we work with!


We are also extremely lucky to have NABs onboard. I want to ensure we are not only providing staff with fun activities, but also prioritising their mental wellbeing. During these tough times, it is important to direct them towards professionals who can help and advise on anything from personal to professional development.


Stay Inside, Stay Safe! 

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