Kairos Esports merges with Kairos Media to form Digital Marketing powerhouse.

By Ross Crump — Creative Director, Kairos Group

KFC, JBL, Angry Birds and Houseparty campaigns

Kairos Esports merges with Kairos Media to form Creative Agency delivering Digital Marketing Solutions for some of the biggest brands in the world. 

Kairos Media which sits as part of Kairos Group, co-founded by 30 under 30 winners Mike Craddock and Chris Parnell, has developed a full-service offering including Social Strategy, Influencer Marketing, Creative Strategy, Paid Media and Content Production. This represents a shift in Kairos’ proposition which started as an Influencer Marketing agency back in 2015. Kairos Media saw unprecedented growth in the period of 2018-2019 through it’s influencer offering however identified a need to diversify revenue streams as the influencer agency landscape quickly became saturated with more and more agencies throwing their hat into the ring.

“I couldn’t be more excited to announce the newly merged “Kairos Media” and the next-evolution of our business. This launch reflects our ambition to become the world’s leading social-first creative agency, to deliver award-winning work for the most ambitious clients in the world and our commitment to redefine brands on Social Media!”. 

In true Kairos Media fashion the agency announced the merger with a rebrand which not only repositioned its service offerings but brought attention to the unique tone of voice and visual style that clients have come to expect from its diverse team of industry professionals. With a newly launched website and announcement of a whole host of partner brands Kairos is set to make a huge mark in the Creative scene in 2021.

Luke Bristow, Managing Director of Kairos Group commented, “Keeping the Kairos Media name was a simple enough decision due to the legacy and brand awareness, which is now positioned as a true powerhouse agency that can go toe-to-toe with the juggernauts of the industry.” Part of the decision to merge the agencies came from a desire to become even more efficient and enable client servicing to become even more sustainable in an ever-changing landscape. Kairos Media has already experienced the benefits of it’s decision to merge with the recently launched Heinz campaign which came to fruition in 72 hours. Continuing, Luke stated, “Merging these two entities was an absolute no brainer. We had two very high performing businesses under the Kairos Group that, over time, grew to become competitors of each other. They were fighting for the same budgets and ultimately pulling in different directions. By combining them, we have not only seen a huge amount of value produced from the efficiencies and knowledge sharing, but a demonstrable impact on the value we can bring to our clients; with a multitude of services and expertise now available to them in a way that we couldn’t offer before.”

Throughout the process of relaunching the agency Kairos Esports CEO, Drew Townley was brought on-board to steer the ship to further success. As newly appointed Managing Director of Kairos Media, Drew brings his wealth of experience working across some of the biggest brands on social media, together with his unique approach to business operations that saw Kairos Esports grow exponentially in its infancy. 

“This merger is the single biggest possible statement of intent in current times. Combining two agencies growing at a rapid pace in similar spaces has created nothing short of a behemoth within the social, influencer and gaming space. We have a team of people that live and breathe this space, both sharing and combining their knowledge to produce work that is genuinely unique, while servicing our clients better than ever.” Drew continued, “We're world leaders in gaming but we're not a gaming agency, we're world leaders in social management, but we're not a social agency and we run tournaments for global clients, but not an esports agency. We are now a combination of all of these, in one unrivalled package. I genuinely cannot wait for everyone to see what we've been doing and what we have planned.”

What started as an influencer marketing agency servicing gaming clients in 2015 is now set to be one of the biggest creative agencies in the social media space in 2021, working with brands such as JBL, Samsung and KFC to name a few. What’s more Kairos Media recently teased on social media that their team size was growing rapidly with the introduction of a new office space in a yet to be confirmed location in the UK.