Kairos Versus: Our very own gaming tournament software

By Phoebe Maxwell — PR & Marketing Manager, Kairos Group

We have yet again added another string to our already pretty perfect bow, and launched our own custom-built tournament management software.

We were tired of the same platforms attempting gaming tournaments, so we decided to build our own, putting brand exposure at the front and centre. Brands are the reason we do what we do so we wanted to make sure there are no restrictions and no competition for a small advertising space as seen on other platforms. 

Not only do brands take pride of place, but it’s also mega easy to use and super customisable.

We knew that it was always going to be the dogs b*llocks, but just for those who need the stats to believe the story, we ran a survey exclusively for gamers who had used Kairos Versus.

Here’s the results to prove we were right:

  • 99% higher brand recall on Kairos Versus than other competing software, with over half of participants recalling a brand sponsor even after a 60-day period
  • 66% of Kairos Versus users were favourable towards the brand sponsor, with 23% of them even being extremely favourable towards the brand sponsor
  • 63% of Kairos Versus users were likely to consider purchasing from these brand sponsors in the future and 30% extremely likely to do so

For more info, drop our very own Tom Harris a line on tom.harris@kairosmedia.com