Pizza and gaming, what’s not to love?

By Phoebe Maxwell — PR & Marketing Manager, Kairos Group

Mission: Make Pizza Hut UK the go-to-pizza for gamers.

If you want to reach more 18-25 year olds, you need to work out where they are. With the gaming space audience being mostly of this age range, it made perfect sense that Pizza Hut UK knew that's where they needed to make some noise. Pizza and gaming. It didn’t take much to convince us that this was a class idea. Mission accepted.

We’ll be working with Pizza Hut UK over the next year on their gaming social media management and influencer activations. We will also be building platforms that will be the foundations of their space and closing the gap between them and you - so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for them and give them a follow.

We don’t like to brag BUT at the end of last year we launched our creator-led gaming tournament, FIFA Fridays and we smashed all our promises, with Pizza Hut seeing over 4 million impressions and just shy of 70,000 engagements. You may bow.

This tournament was the start of their regular community tournaments across different gaming titles. 

The anti-testimonial’ ‘they hounded us before we took their call’ is 100% true, but Catriona Woodward, their Head of Digital Marketing sounds like she is glad we did. She said:  “We are super excited to be working with Kairos, their passion and knowledge for gaming perfectly complements our love and expertise for Pizza. 

“Following a successful test tournament run by Kairos, we are looking forward to having an always on strategic approach to bring the perfect partners of gaming and pizza together, and hopefully having lots of fun along the way.”

Naturally, we had to conclude with a comment from our Managing Director, Drew Townley (incoming press release worthy and slightly pretentious quote):  “Working with the biggest brands in the world to bring them into gaming and esports is what Kairos does. 

“This is no different but with easily one of the most recognisable brands worldwide - that only furthers our position as the go-to agency for any brand looking at making a serious impact. The success of this project will act as a benchmark globally for gaming and esports activity.”