Guess who’s welcoming back some of the world’s biggest brands?

By Phoebe Maxwell — PR & Marketing Manager, Kairos Group

Yep, you guessed it, we are. We don’t like to brag (too much) but we've extended our partnerships with Facebook Gaming, JBL and KFC. Impressive right?

It’s one thing to win a client but another to have them keep coming back. Once again, we’ve proven that we’re sh*t hot at helping brands, wanting to break into the gaming space, with three big brands re-signing on the dotted line. We welcome back KFC Gaming and Facebook Gaming for a third year, and JBL for a second.

When you think of Facebook, you automatically think of Mark Zuckerberg, and your mum accidentally adding your friends whilst she’s stalking them. Now, Facebook is making waves in the gaming world.  

For Facebook Gaming UK, we manage its creator programme. This covers everything from bringing new talent to the gaming platform and increasing awareness of Facebook Gaming in the UK through managed creators and a fully-fledged scalable creator programme. 

JBL wanted to be established as a key brand in the gaming/esports ecosystem across Europe - enter Kairos. We launched and managed the social accounts, activations and an ambassador programme for key territories across the continent. We created a dedicated strategy for each region and refined messaging to best suit the local audience to increase followers and engagement. And, as you would expect from a Kairos campaign, it resulted in a load of followers and a tonne of impressions.

Don’t believe us? Just listen to Marije Bakker, Harman EMEA, senior brand manager: “Kairos are true consultants. They proactively come up with opportunities and also know when to challenge us. 

“They have a deep understanding of the gaming space and last but not least, they are a great team to work with.”

We KNOW that you will have heard of our KFConsole, it's arguably what we are most well known for. When you see it, it's no surprise that KFC Gaming returned. KFC challenged Kairos with ideating, developing and executing its entire gaming and esports strategy aimed at English speaking demographics and my god we delivered. We even made an actual KFConsole with a chicken chamber. Gaming and chicken - name a better duo?

Drew Townley, managing director at Kairos Media, said: “If there's one thing more rewarding than winning the biggest clients in the world, it's retaining them for years to come. 

“The long term relationships we have and are now building with more recent clients speaks volumes for our team and their output.

“These clients are a joy to work with and what we're going to achieve together I'm forever grateful to them for trusting us on it.”