Posted | March 25th, 2020

Social Responsibility – Do brands have a say?

Social Responsibility – Do brands have a say?

By Yaz Boolaky – Influencer Campaign Executive

It isn’t just you, its everyone…

Coronavirus – the only topic that is on everyone’s mind right now and trending on social media. Although it may seem like we’ve landed ourselves starring roles in an apocalyptic movie, the sad reality is that we are now living in a Global Pandemic. Virtually everyone has been impacted by it – whether you are working from home, self-isolating or you are anticipating what’s going to happen next. It is affecting us all! 

The number 1 question we all want the answer to is how long will this all go on for, and the other question we at Kairos are asking, how will this affect the Marketing Sector? I decided to do some research and take a look at how the new ‘C’ word might affect marketing in the coming months.


Out of Home Marketing is due to suffer a hit…

BoJo has finally follow suit of the other countries around the world and put the UK into a lockdown. We now have no reason to be outside unless it is essential to do so. This means staying indoors and practicing social distancing. This will inevitably decrease the amount of Out Of Home advertising spend, pushing brands to home in on online and digital advertising in its place. 


work from home


Is Online Marketing on the rise? 

The most likely hypothesis is that there will be a soar in digital ad spend over the coming months, as people will be spending more time online. With the high street slowly closing their doors one by one, consumers will be shopping online more.  Research from Dentsu Aegis Network found that 14% of 155 clients and client leaders have said they were moving marketing budgets from offline media to online media.

In addition to this, with everyone stuck indoors it is estimated that device usages will increase by 50% in households nationwide. Especially as a large majority of people are likely to check their phones more frequently for news updates, or just out of pure boredom!


Ad Spend on Social Platforms set to surge

As mentioned above, with more people on their phones, they are bound to be on the hunt for content to keep them entertained while they are self isolating. It is almost certain that social media is set to stamp its way into people’s daily routines. They will be looking for a sense of familiarity and community as well as updates on the Pandemic.

With all of that said, social media spending will definitely rise as brands use social media to their advantage to lure in their audience. Engagement within Influencer Marketing has already seen a huge increase, with paid partnership posts seeing a significant surge in daily likes.



Is there a level of responsibly on brands?  

At a time like this, everyone has an important responsibility to one another and this should be implemented everywhere across the board – marketing content included! The public will be looking to their favourite brands more than usual now. It the brand’s responsibility to use their social platforms to deliver the content the audiences need in a time like this.   

Consumers will be expecting brands to exercise consideration, compassion and maturity at this time. Working with properly briefed content creators/influencers will be an integral part of ensuring that brand messages are creatively, but also considerately translated to consumers.

In the world’s current climate, content related to health and mental health is certainly going to be of high interest, just as much as we are all going to want content that helps us stay upbeat, busy and positive. Although none of us have any idea what the coming months are going to look like as the days unfold, let’s hope the increase in digital content marketing will help give us positive vibes throughout this uncertain time.

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