Posted | June 5th, 2018

Utilising Instagram Fanpages in your Influencer Marketing strategy

Utilising Instagram Fanpages in your Influencer Marketing strategy

Move over social influencers, the Instagram fanpages are becoming the new trend!

What is a fanpage I hear you ask? It’s an Instagram profile that influences its audience in the same way a social influencer would, however it is followed for its content rather than the individual behind the profile.

Fanpages typically create or repost content that is relevant to a certain topic such a gaming, sport, fashion or travel. These may not be the most photogenic, ‘Instagrammable’ content but more likely to include memes, news and updates which are funny, and most importantly engaging.

For example, @EarthPix is an Instagram fanpage with 12.9 million followers, reposting content that relates to travelling, animals and nature. They collaborate with companies, such as Six Senses Fiji Resort and Fiji Airways to giveaway flights and a 3-night stay for one lucky follower and a friend. Both of these companies have a large following on their Instagram profiles, however endorsing their brand via EarthPix allows the content to be amplified.

Marketing through Instagram Fanpages

As these fanpages have a large following they can be utilised for marketing purposes, with a predominant focus on their Instagram Stories, a feature which lets users post photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours. Content shared via the story will not appear on your profile grid or in the main Instagram feed but will appear at the top of their followers feed as can be watched as many times as they like.

Fanpages are able to see each follower who has viewed the content and provide statistics which is useful to brands who are looking to evaluate the success of the collaboration.

Why is it effective?

Fanpages are a largely untapped source of influencer marketing potential and are especially effective because content can easily look authentic. This is due to the nature of Fanpages reposting content from other sources for their followers to enjoy and interact with.

Using Instagram Stories provides the advantage to create effective engagement using polls and adding external links, also known as the ‘Swipe Up’ function, which takes the viewer to a desired landing page by the simple swipe of a finger. This function, teamed with a strong call to action on the story image or video, results in impressive click-through-rates.

Stories are still a relatively new medium across social media, so there’s no better time to incorporate them into your social media marketing strategy. Not sure where to begin?

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