Posted | December 19th, 2019

What the new Instagram Brand Collabs feature is missing

What the new Instagram Brand Collabs feature is missing

What’s the new feature?

Instagram Brand Collabs, a marketplace tool that has previously only been available to creators on Facebook, is being made available to a small sample group of Instagram creators. The tool will help them to share metrics and insights directly with brands as well as searching for brands to collaborate with.

What does it mean for creators and brands?

In the past, brands have typically only been able to see engagement and reach when looking at campaign results. However, if the new dashboard update comes into action they will also be able to access data such as age and gender breakdowns. With the removal of visible likes coming into action, this will help influencers avoid the problems this may cause and continue to establish profitable partnerships with brands.

What is it missing?

Although this tool will be a fantastic way for influencers to clearly demonstrate the ROI on their campaigns, it’s important that we don’t regress back to the initial model of influencer marketing. Simple product placement has been proven not to deliver the desired results and also often feels inauthentic in delivery. For instance, Lauren Goodger has recently faced ridicule in admitting that she has not even tried a brand she was promoting on her Instagram and even agreed to promote a poisonous drink.

These kinds of collaborations have inspired mistrust in the industry and consumers have become savvy in spotting inauthentic partnerships. They will now look into a creator’s past work to see what kind of partnerships they have taken on and ascertain whether they fit naturally or whether they feel gratuitous. This is why both creative executions and longer term partnerships are more important than ever.

When simple product placement is compared with a creative execution, the results are staggering. For instance, Guess’ creative #InMyDenims influencer campaign on TikTok went viral. Instead of just placing their product on various influencers, the brand launched a creative challenge, which was a format that was sure to do well on the platform and engage users across the globe.

Our most successful campaigns are the ones that think big in order to capture the imagination of the consumer. That is why our USP is our creative-led approach to influencer marketing. We always begin with the brand’s core problem or challenge and devise a clear creative strategy to solve this.

In the past year we have seen the importance of creative executions in order to deliver ROI. Although Instagram Brand Collabs will be a great resource for agencies in clearly demonstrating results to brands, the importance of execution must not be forgotten.

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