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Project Coordinator - Manchester

Full-time United Kingdom Influencer Campaigns

We are Kairos, a collection of award-winning creative agencies, and we're changing the way the next generation view advertising, and discover brands on social media globally. Specialists in influencer marketing, paid social, community management & content production, our creative social agency is one of the largest in the space.

Operating and launching global campaigns from our London HQ, our workforce is now 10x bigger than when we started 5 years ago (still growing). Our people bring success to international clients in a space that many traditional agencies are struggling to navigate and we're now looking for our next player.

The Kairos Group houses our creative social agency: Kairos Media, our owned media agency, Kyma, whose content generates 400M+ views per month... and Turopium; a full-service management agency, specialising in taking a market leading approach to working with talent. We share our offices and ideas, come join the party.

The Role

There’s a process for everything, and what’s more we can learn so much from it. We’re looking for someone who thrives in ensuring our processes are at the heart of what we do, whether that's managing projects, stakeholders or clients. Our Junior Project Manager will be fundamental in ensuring that we hit deadlines, communicate clearly with stakeholders and deliver award-winning work...Oh! And we learn from it.

Aside from the process side of the role, data generation and management will be fundamental to your success. Tapping into the whys behind the whats, understanding why our lead times are slower than they were the week before, identifying how our revenue streams are diversifying and reporting on the performance of our team to understand where we can better utilise their time is what makes the Junior Project Manager role key to our success.

A little bit about you:

  • You’re not a mathematician, but you’re bloody interested in data. It helps a lot of what we do.
  • Be able to use programmes such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets for reporting.
  • Utilise programmes such as ASANA and Slack for project management and communication.
  • Be assertive and able to communicate confidently across teams, sometimes we’ll need you to tell someone to “hurry the hell up” but with language that pretends you care that they got locked outside their house for 2 hours.
  • Can develop project plans, and be flexible to managing deadlines and expectations around when projects will be delivered.
  • In a team full of idealists, we're looking for a realist, who accepts a situation as it is and is prepared to deal with it accordingly.
  • Ability to prioritise projects in line with wider business objectives.
  • Can hold people accountable to timelines, and manage people without authority, including senior leadership.
  • You’ll need to be able to take clear, concise but incredibly informative notes.
  • Proactive at scheduling and facilitating planning meetings and check-ins throughout a project.
  • Come equipped with a crystal ball, because we want you to be telling us there’s problems ahead of time.


  • Experience in managing key stakeholders, this is a junior project management position so we’re not expecting you to have organised CES 2021, but anything you will know your way around project management and feel comfortable pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with it.
  • Excellent written and verbal English
  • Don’t be a dick. We love team players and most of your job will be getting as much from the team as possible in the time we pay them to work.
  • Experience in managing a team - again this is a junior position but you’ll have a team of execs working with you, so you will know a bit about setting expectations and supporting them to achieve their objectives
  • Believe in work/life balance - part of your responsibilities will be to ensure the team aren’t overworked and have the chance to remain creative at every stage of the process.
  • Experience working in a Marketing or Social Media Agency


  • 36 days holiday per year, including a 10 day block "reset", Christmas closure and birthday day off.
  • Subsidised bespoke benefits package giving you access to benefits you want (Childcare, enhanced pension, healthcare, gym, Netflix, Deliveroo, you name it, it's on there)
  • Mental Health partnership with Plumm giving you access to therapy and counselling, and your immediate family access to a huge range of resources.
  • Enhanced Maternity & Paternity policy as well as enhanced policies for same-sex and non-binary couples.
  • Enhanced compassionate leave so you can truly take the time you need.
  • Flexible working hours giving you an earlier start for an earlier finish or later start for a later finish.
  • Company away days! (Covid royally screwed this but it will return)
  • Community days - we give you time off to go support a cause you believe in!
  • Plenty of clubs/societies - and if we don't have something that suits then you can always suggest it.
  • Holiday office closure & additional time off for religious holidays
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