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The official launch of the Oppo Reno 2 smartphone.

Capturing the perfect campaign

A picture says a thousand words

    • 7,700,000
    • Impressions
    • £33M CPM
    • average across the campaign
    • 1,200,000
    • Reached
    • 3.4%
    • engagement rate

Who even are you?

Who are OPPO Mobile… that’s the problem.

OPPO Mobile are the 5th largest smartphone company in the WORLD, yet in the UK little is known about them. One key area for OPPO that wasn’t stand out like their latest device was their brand awareness in the UK market space. Millennials and Gen Z knew them, but didn't really know their story. 

They came to us looking to break into the UK market space and increase their brand awareness/sentiment by showing off their latest handset, the Reno 2. They needed our help, and we knew exactly what to do.

Don’t just trust words. Trust pictures.

Millennials and Gen Z never take their eyes off their phone screens (it’s crazy) and that is exactly where this campaign took place… Instagram.

We put the Reno 2 right and centre where they would see it most and the best place to showcase the smartphone's most impressive features, connecting directly to the target audience. Making this campaign feel authentic was one of the most important aspects, and utilising the power of Influencer Marketing ensured this.

We rounded up 8 of the top snap savvy influencers with strengths across all things camera related, including photography, videography and lifestyle. We set them a challenge to show off Reno 2’s camera feature and sent them on their way.

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

The team of influencers used their creativity, mixed with their own personal style - in some cases very stylish! They showcased the latest 5 camera features including Hybrid zoom, Night mode and Ultra Steady mode. 

We also included a sub challenge for the influencers. The best performing pieces were then used in a 4 week campaign across OPPO’s own channels driving direct traffic to their landing page - nice incentive? We thought so too. 

So with OPPO now firmly established within the UK mobile phone market, it’s just a matter of time until the higher quality content from their phones makes it to Instagram. Which we can all agree is necessary...

Brand awareness was what OPPO wanted, brand awareness is what OPPO received.
— *MIC Drop*
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