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Celebrating 10 years of Angry Birds


Crushed it.

    • 76,000,000
    • impressions
    • 51,000,000
    • views
    • 4,000,000+
    • positive engagements
    • 124%
    • increase in App downloads

Catapulting those angry little birds.

Awareness of the Angry Birds brand was high, but engagement amongst the GenZ audience was low.

With the 10th Anniversary of the franchise upcoming we were asked to help Rovio celebrate in a way that would get everyone talking around the world.

It’s good to let off a little steam.

In today's social media era content is king. We teamed up with an assembly of influencers across YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok and supplied them with Angry Birds’ very own, Rage Rider scooters, partnering with SPIN, a scooter and bike sharing company based in San Francisco.

We created and sent 27 US creators custom made ‘Rage Rider Scooters’ which moved when the creator screamed into a microphone... yes, really. Our creators unboxed and demonstrated them authentically across their content channels - allowing each creator to put their unique spin on the product.

We also created the ‘Squawk Squad’, a group of six top creators, with over 33,000,000 subscribers, to champion the brand. We assembled them to compete at our own Rage Race event, where they faced a number of challenges head-to-head.

“Mommy, why is that man throwing himself into a vending machine…”

Undoubtedly, anger can be a rather physical emotion… what better way to express these emotions, then at Angry Birds’ venting machine in Times Square, New York. We created a physical moment of unique interaction and a memorable experience for consumers. 

The machine dispensed a range of prizes to anyone who shook, yelled, punched or kicked the venting apparatus. The public were also able to see their angry faces on a times square billboard, alongside their favourite creators - pretty sick.

Oh yeah! What about the app…

Rovio’s ultimate goal was to attract a younger demographic while capturing the magic once felt by old users. We felt a way to do both, was a worthwhile in-game event. 

We managed a whopping 24% increase in app downloads with our #BRINGTHEANGER in-game event in which we challenged the masses to pop 10 billion pigs* to raise $100,000 for UNICEF’s ‘Education in Emergencies’ fund.

Everyone was immensely proud of Rovio’s association with UNICEF, it started widespread conversation around the world about both the Angry Birds game and UNICEF’S fantastic cause.

*No pigs were harmed during the making of this event.

“Fantastic results driving performance for the game.”
— Lida Oksanen, Performance Marketing Manager, Rovio Entertainment
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