Job specification

Marketing Lead - HO24003ML

United Kingdom Commercial Operations

Who we are 

We are Kairos, an award-winning team of over 100 social natives, with offices across London, Manchester and New York.

Founded by our ‘30 under 30 co-founders’ we are specialists in digital marketing, experts in social media and gamers at heart, but that hasn’t stopped us from working with the biggest non-gaming brands in the world helping them to reach their audiences in creative and innovative ways, powered by social media.

Samsung, PepsiCo, Epic Games, Activision, JBL, Pizza Hut, Cetaphil: these are just some of the brands we work with daily and we need creative, strategic, data-led individuals to help shape award-winning campaigns that keep them coming back for more!

Kairos operate a hybrid culture in our offices, as we understand the value of both home and in-office working. We expect office attendance at our base at least 2 days per work to allow for effective teamwork and collaboration with your peers.

Want to join the team? Here are our three non-negotiables...

  • Input - Join in, take part, be heard and contribute, team members looking for an easy ride won’t succeed here.
  • Output - Focus on quality, if you’re not happy with what we’re creating then stop and ask why. Everything we create should be good enough for your portfolio.
  • Together - Most importantly, achieve it together! Not feeling it, that’s okay we’re one team and support each other every step of the way. No egos. No judgment.

The Role in a Nutshell

As a Marketing Lead, your core focus will be to lead the agency's marketing strategy & initiatives into reality. This role will be covering PR, Brand, Social and Events working with new business and responsible for the output of our talented marketing team. 

Reporting into the agency MD and working alongside c-suite, directors’ and the marketing team, you will be responsible for delivering world leading work constantly pushing boundaries that we didn’t even know existed.


Strategic Leadership:

  • Develop and execute the Kairos overall marketing strategy and initiatives to achieve wider business objectives.
  • Provide strategic direction for client campaigns, ensuring they align with our Kairos goals.

Team Management:

  • Supervise and mentor a team of talented marketing professionals, including marketing managers, content editors, personal brand manager & PR. 
  • Encourage the professional development of your team members; including internal & external events, PR & featured PR through training and skill-building in order to foster a collaborative and high-performance team culture.
  • Set OKRs and performance metrics for the marketing team and individual employees.
  • Evaluate and report on team and individual performance regularly.

Client Relationship Management:

  • Act as a key point of contact for top-tier clients, building and maintaining strong client relationships.
  • Ensure client satisfaction and retention through effective communication and delivering on promises.

Budget Management:

  • Oversee marketing budgets, ensuring efficient allocation of resources and cost-effective campaign execution.
  • Monitor financial performance and adjust strategies as needed to meet financial targets.

Market Research:

  • Stay updated on industry trends and emerging technologies in social media marketing.
  • Conduct market research to identify opportunities and threats in the industry.

Quality Assurance & compliance:

  • Ensure the quality and consistency of work delivered by the agency, adhering to industry best practices.
  • Implement quality control processes and structures to maintain high standards.
  • Ensure that all marketing activities and campaigns adhere to legal and ethical guidelines.
  • Protect the agency's reputation by upholding ethical standards.

Crisis Management:

  • Develop contingency plans and crisis management strategies to address unexpected challenges.
  • Lead and steer the team in managing and mitigating crises effectively.


Who you are:

  • You have agency marketing experience within previous senior positions and bring a clear understanding of our target audience and the competition
  • You have demonstrable experience of rolling out marketing strategies and campaigns that had direct positive business impact 
  • You're passionate about social media - through working directly in the industry or through your own projects outside of work
  • You have managed a multitude of different sized budgets and projects and can be fluid with conflicting projects 
  • Previous experience of managing a team and leading them to success 
  • You are innovative, and like to do things a little differently to the wider market while pushing the boundaries 
  • You work well with stakeholders and senior management, with the ability to engage and influence as well as prioritising work within a busy agency 


  • 36 days holiday per year, including a 10 day block "reset", Christmas closure and birthday day off.
  • Subsidised bespoke benefits package giving you access to benefits you want (Childcare, enhanced pension, healthcare, gym, Netflix, Deliveroo, you name it, it's on there)
  • Mental Health partnership with Lifeworks giving you access to therapy and counselling, and your immediate family access to a huge range of resources.
  • Access to Vitality healthcare for health insurance support
  • Enhanced Maternity & Paternity policy as well as enhanced policies for same-sex and non-binary couples.
  • Enhanced compassionate leave so you can truly take the time you need.
  • Flexible working hours giving you an earlier start for an earlier finish or later start for a later finish.
  • Company away days!
  • Community days - we give you time off to go support a cause you believe in!
  • Plenty of clubs/societies - and if we don't have something that suits then you can always suggest it.
  • Holiday office closure & additional time off for religious holidays

So, planning on being a Marketing Lead? Here’s the plan...

Our process focuses on assessing a variety of skill sets and helps you and us to understand if the right decision is made on both sides. When we bring someone into the team we want to work with them for years, so the interview process is particularly important to us.

Stage One (30 mins) with Talent Acquisition.

Let’s get to know each other.

An informal chat with TA, firstly giving you the opportunity to ask questions about the role and find out more about the business, then we’ll ask you three or more questions.

  • Why do you want to work for Kairos?
  • Why do you think you’re right for this role?
  • What was your biggest challenge and biggest success in your previous role?

Stage Two (30 minutes - Virtual) (Hiring Manager)

Let’s get serious for a second.

An interview in front of one or sometimes two Kairos teammates. This stage will focus on your skillset, and ability to deliver the work and we’ll ask questions about your specific experience aligned to the role. Some questions you may be asked are:

  • Thinking about a time when you had a challenging perspective from a stakeholder that countered what your data/insights were suggesting, how were you able to address this to achieve a meaningful outcome?
  • When it comes to team management, what do you feel is the most important factor when motivating and engaging a team?
  • Tell us about a project that you’ve worked on, what was the brief, what was the process, and what was the outcome?

Stage Three (One hour - face-to-face is ideal, this is a hybrid role)

The Big One - Depending on the role and level.

A task and presentation in front of all three people from Stage One & Two. We use this task to understand core competencies:

  • Ability to pitch and your professional communication style.
  • Ability to create pitch decks / communicate your ideas visually.
  • Understanding of your creative ability, we’ll provide you with a cool brief don’t worry.

If you’re not successful at this stage we’ll commit to providing full detailed feedback, explaining why we’ve moved forward with someone else.

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