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    Kairos Media is an award-winning creative Influencer Marketing agency. We have delivered thousands of global campaigns to date, for a portfolio of brand partners across all sectors.  Kairos is an Ancient Greek word meaning the right, critical, or opportune moment.  

    The Kairos ApproachThe Kairos Approach
  • Targeting a Younger Audience For Williams F1

    Searching to appeal to younger viewers and add further value to their sponsors, Williams Martini Racing approached Kairos Media for ideas on how to amplify their content socially.

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  • Esports strategy for Amazon Appstore events

    Kairos Media were tasked to drive viewers and maximise overall awareness for the 'Mobile Masters', Las Vegas and 'Champions of Fire', New York events on behalf of Wargaming Mobile and Amazon Appstore.

  • Brand Awareness for Daniel Wellington

    Approaching Kairos Media in September of 2017, Daniel Wellington looked to Kairos Media to raise awareness of their brand using influencers across various social media platforms.


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Kairos Media is an award-winning creative Influencer Marketing agency. We create innovative, impactful, creative-led campaigns to deliver an unrivalled ROI for our clients.

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