Job specification

VP - Social, Influencer, Partnerships - VP/US/SIC/1

Full-time United States US Agency Experience: Director

We are Kairos, an award-winning team of over 100, and with a newly launched office in New York we’re looking for aspiring social natives to help take the Kairos brand to new heights!

Founded by our ‘30 under 30 co-founders’, we now operate globally with headquarters in London, England and a second studio in Manchester, Kairos is now expanding its physical presence into the US. We are specialists in digital marketing, experts in social media and gamers at heart, but that hasn’t stopped us from working with the biggest non-gaming brands in the world helping them to reach their audiences digitally.

We’re looking for creative, strategic, data-led individuals to help shape award-winning campaigns that keep them coming back for more!

Want to join the team, here are our three non-negotiables.

  • Input - Join in, take part, be heard and contribute, team members looking for an easy ride won’t succeed here.
  • Output - Focus on quality, if you’re not happy with what we’re creating then stop and ask why. Everything we create should be good enough for your portfolio.
  • Together - Most importantly, achieve it together! Not feeling it, that’s okay we’re one team and support each other every step of the way. No egos. No judgment. 

What’s it like in the New York office?

  • Startup culture in a larger agency group. Our New York office will be the starting point for Kairos in the US. We’ll be a startup business with the backing of a well-established agency in the UK, giving us the best of both worlds.
  • Hybrid culture - As a start-up in the US we know the importance of face time regularly. We equally understand the importance of flexibility. Our US team will be required in office 3 days a week minimum. 
  • We’re based on Broadway so right in the middle of the hustle and bustle.

The Role

Kairos is looking for a VP, Social, Influencer & Partnerships who will be responsible for the delivery of client projects across social media, influencer marketing & partnerships. We’re looking for an all-around superstar who knows how to deliver projects for major brands across a variety of industries including gaming, tech, FMCG, hospitality and more. This role is crucial in driving the success of Kairos, as the key contact for our partners you will be responsible for the following:

  • Concepting and delivering projects across Social, Influencer & Partnerships. Be proactive in recommending ideas to the team and our clients, ensuring they help promote success across client KPIs.
  • Delivering client expansion through the delivery of 5-star service. We pride ourselves on delivering work in such as way that our clients talk about us to their colleagues. You’ll be at the centre of that, challenging our teams to deliver on time and to a high standard.
  • Take responsibility for keeping projects on track, and being the key stakeholder that teams come to when they need help answering questions or pointing in the right direction.
  • Promote the commercial success of the business by taking a level of responsibility for commercial growth of key accounts alongside our client success team.
  • Be involved at the start of briefing processes, working with clients to truly understand their challenge and ensure it translates well into a brief that is shared with the team.
  • Managing our social, influencer & partnerships teams to deliver outstanding service to our clients in response to briefs/aligned to agree scopes.
  • We’re a small team in the USA, with big ambitions - being able to roll up your sleeves and help teams deliver work by carrying out tasks outside of your remit when necessary. 
  • Market the agency through being a key advocate of the business on social media, in press and through wider marketing efforts.
  • Pushing the business to deliver better service, day in, day out, whilst maintaining focus on work/life balance.
  • Be transparent and open with the opportunities and risks with our clients, helping them feel that they have the best support system in place.
  • Promote education of social, influencers and partnerships across the business through workshops.
  • Delivery of project reports, whilst also hosting internal workshops and wash-ups to review work that has been completed to help us learn more about what can be improved and what should be celebrated. 
  • Financial planning for key accounts - owning the scoping, and financial structure needed to deliver projects and being able to articulate your rationale against any client questioning.

What you need to know to succeed

As a digital marketing agency that specializes in social media, it’s imperative that you understand and are able to demonstrate experience of the following:

  • Social media landscape, you stay up to date with the latest platforms and can articulate their differences and opportunities to clients. This includes but is not limited to, Reddit, Discord, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Snapchat.
  • Helpful - The gaming industry - a lot of our clients come to us as we’re specialists in the gaming space. Having knowledge of the industry, what’s happening, what’s working, what isn’t, and being able to impress clients with your expertise will give you a massive advantage.
  • Candidates who organically engage with creators on social media and speak confidently about them throughout our interview process will be hugely beneficial.

Equally, you must be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Experience in risk analysis and planning, ensuring that Kairos has considered all key aspects required for a project's delivery. 
  • Client management, being able to highlight times when you’ve had to deal with challenging situations and articulate how you’ve solved them.
  • Internal stakeholder management, being able to organise/coordinate a large group of people and rally them behind a core goal/objective.
  • Knowledge of project management software, such as ASANA or ClickUp will be highly advantageous.

Our interview process

At Kairos we’re looking for deeply passionate people who want to work with us as much as we want to work with them. Our process focuses on assessing a variety of skill sets and helps both you and us to understand if we’re making the right decision. When we bring someone into the team we want to work with them for years, so the process is particularly important.

Stage One (30 mins)

Let’s get to know each other. 

An informal chat, firstly giving you the opportunity to ask questions about the role and find out more about the business, then we’ll ask you three questions.

  • Why do you want to work for Kairos?
  • Why do you think you’re right for this role?
  • What were your biggest challenges and biggest successes in your previous role?

Stage Two (One hour - face to face if possible)

Let’s get serious for a second.

An interview in front of two Kairos teammates. This stage will focus on your skillset, and ability to deliver the work and we’ll ask questions about your specific experience aligned to the role. Some questions you may be asked are:

  • Thinking about a time when you had a challenging perspective from a client, how were you able to manage that?
  • Explain your typical process when tackling a large client project.
  • How have you been successful in unlocking additional client revenue?

Stage Three (One hour - face-to-face required, this is a hybrid role (leniency given for relocation))

The Big One

A task and presentation in front of all three people from Stage One & Two. We use this task to understand core competencies:

  • Ability to pitch and your professional communication style.
  • Ability to create pitch decks / communicate your ideas visually.

The task will present you with one of our existing clients and a key challenge they face. We’ll ask you for your recommendations in solving the challenge, focusing more so on the process and logistics behind delivering against it. This task will look to further understand your ability to pick up a project and run with it.

If you’re not successful at this stage we’ll commit to providing full detailed feedback about your presentation, explaining why we’ve moved forward with someone else.

If you have any questions about this process please feel free to drop us a line at



  • Salary $130,000-$170,000
  • Health Care Plan (Medical, Dental & Vision)
  • Retirement Plan (401k, IRA)
  • Paid Time Off (Vacation, Sick & Public Holidays)
  • Family Leave (Maternity, Paternity)
  • Training & Development
  • Work From Home
  • Free Food & Snacks
  • Wellness Resources
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