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Nestlé - Curiously Cinnamon


In just 48 hours...

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    • Global Impressions
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    • 10m+ (10x Expected)
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Why so cereal!?

We secured some of the largest gaming talent in the world to promote Curiously Cinnamon to a younger audience that was disconnected. We managed to outperform a 6 week on-pack promotion by Nestlé in just 48 hours - It was one of Curiously Cinnamon’s most successful campaigns to date.

Mobilising two of the UK’s biggest social media talents, W2S and Yung Chip to play their audiences favorite games; Fortnite and FIFA. The content creators completed in-game tasks set by their audiences and gave their community the opportunity to win some incredible prizes.

We activated Curiously Cinnamon using the hashtag #breakfastbounty to drive mass awareness across social media.

Breakfast, better.

Nestlé Curiously Cinnamon was losing brand sentiment with younger audiences and needed a way to connect with them.

Our tailored content aligned perfectly with their target audiences and strongly resonated with viewers.

As a result we successfully introduced Nestlé to a whole new world. Using gaming to speak to a younger audience.

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