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Blizzard Entertainment

A global invasion of streams

Putting Overwatch 2: Invasion on the map

With Season 6 of Overwatch 2: Invasion approaching, Blizzard Entertainment came to Kairos Media with a challenge. To increase awareness, consideration and engagement of Overwatch 2, whilst appealing to Gen Z gamers who have an affinity to shooters/battle royale games.

We instigated a global invasion of creator streams. By hacking streams, creators across the globe were left wanting to know who was causing the invasions. We used celebrity endorsement by bringing John Cena into the launch campaign as our elusive hero ‘The Enigma’, the figure warning of the invasions.

As well as this, we fused social-creative, content production, PR strategy and creator activations to bring the campaign to life. The result? A globally trending activation that leveraged all levels of the creator economy. Creating a community of captivated Overwatch players and gamers alike who were pausing, rewatching (sharing, engaging and creating) and decoding the messages of an illusive character.

Connecting to the creator economy

    • 205,394,128
    • Total Campaign Impressions
    • 2,535,880
    • Total Engagements
    • $10,411,715.68
    • Earned Media Value
    • 2,257,929,800
    • UVM across publications with coverage
    • 1,400+
    • Articles Created
    • 1.43%
    • Engagement Rate
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