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One summer to make the nation's favourite drink.

Bringing Pepsi MAX front of mind and into the lives of our consumers

Pepsi approached us with one goal in mind; to build a social persona across socials that is comfortably confident, creating a tone of voice that is self-assured, self-aware and positive.

We started running Instagram, TikTok and X (Twitter) for the Pepsi MAX brand, building conversational and entertaining channels.

Then the magic started as we introduced more structured influencer activity across key campaign moments and always-on. Our challenge was to make Pepsi the first of everyone's minds, showing how Pepsi MAX can elevate moments that matter to its audience and stop other household names from being the default choice.

Finding a voice for Pepsi was integral to our work. We created a coherent and consistent way of reacting to culturally significant moments and fostering an emotional connection with Pepsi's audience.

    • 313%
    • Increase in positive brand sentiment
    • 124%
    • Increase in organic Instagram impressions
    • 187%
    • Increase in brand mentions
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