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We got a digital generation excited about banking.

Revolut x The Sidemen

Cashing in our winnings

    • +70M
    • Impressions in 3 months
    • 100K
    • App installs in 3 months
    • 47.2m+
    • Impressions (UK and US)
    • No.1
    • Revolut acquisition to date

The most successful Revolut acquisition to date

We used a global creator group to make banking relevant to an audience who’s sick of banks marketing to them. Elevating the brand positioning and trustworthiness of Revolut among their target millennial customers.

Our objective was to drive app installs and registrations for Revolut. We developed a global creative campaign by partnering with key YouTube Influencer personalities to excite an entire generation about banking.

With over 33.9 billion views collectively across the Sidemen-owned & operated channels, and heavy penetration to Millenial & Gen Z consumer groups. The Sidemen were the obvious choice for us to build a creative campaign around.

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