Launching the biggest e-racing event in gaming.

Porsche Gaming Launch

Racing to success

    • 5,800
    • Twitch CCV
    • +9.2M
    • Impressions
    • 95%
    • Positive Sentiment

A game changing performance

Porsche wanted to target the next generation of customers by launching its first ever US-based esports tournament. By working with the best gaming partner, and fully understanding the audience, we were able to effectively embed the brands infrastructure into the gaming ecosystem.

The strategy was centred around an influencer-led community tournament, spanning multiple months and stages. This gave players an opportunity to compete with their idols for the chance to win huge prizes and play alongside infamous gaming personalities and racing legends.

The grand final hosted the top eight teams from the tournament and a final day of racing to take home the crown. This tournament served as a foundation to bring Porsche closer to the action, and solidified the brand’s position as a key player in the industry.

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