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Leading the gaming monitor market

A multi-year, data-led strategy

    • 20%
    • Uplift in brand recall YoY
    • 15%
    • Uplift in brand preference YoY
    • 12+
    • Products launched

Making Samsung the go-to choice for gamers

We made Samsung Odyssey monitors a must-have for gamers through developing a multi-year, data-led strategy. Our approach identified opportunities to sell products, generated sales and helped solidify Samsung a leader in the gaming monitor space.

We also supported a Samsung-owned activation for The Samsung Odyssey Cup which was a creator-led activation that brought over 100 creators to compete for a $100,000 prize in The Samsung Odyssey Cup to announce the OLED G9.

The campaign brought some of the biggest Fornite creators including CouRage, Bugha, LuLuLuvely and Replays to drive engagement. This was just part of our wider strategy for Samsung that blended services of content production and social strategy.

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